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The 5th Wave (Contains spoilers) Empty The 5th Wave (Contains spoilers)

Post by Gibbs on Thu Apr 13, 2017 8:24 pm

The 5th wave is a science fiction action film directed by J Blakeson. It takes place on Earth where an alien race ("The Others") and are trying to exterminate the Human race. They do it in waves.

The Waves
Wave 1 is and global EMP. The aliens set off an EMP that knocks out all electricity in the world, this includes all means of transport. Wave 2 is is earthquakes that cause giant Tsunamis that wipe out all coastal cities on all 7 continents, they did this because most of the population live on the coast in these big cities like New York, LA and London, They say it look out 3 billion people. Wave 3 was a plague that wiped out 97% of the remaining population. It spread thru' the birds (all 325 billion of them)  and is very efficient, it was modified to kill by the aliens but some people recovered and survived from the disease and some were straight out immune to the virus. The people who were immune and the people that had survived the disease created refugee camps and tried to survive. Wave 4, In this wave sleeper agents that were put there buy the aliens hunted down the remaining survivors, the sleeper agents looked identical to the humans and were put there many years before the invasion, these sleeper agents were everywhere but where mostly put inside important organisations like the military and the government. Wave 5 was going to be a full scale invasion where the sleeper agents and the aliens would slaughter every last human on planet Earth.

The start of the movie is brilliant, it shows the main character "Cassie" killing a man who was unarmed, this was the first time she shot someone who wasn't an alien. The movie then shows flashbacks of what happened before the aliens came to earth and shows what happens thru out wave 1,2 and 3. The movie really starts at the end of Wave 3 where Cassie's mum died of the plague. She then sets out with her dad and brother to a refugee camp. But in my opinion that's where the good part of the movie ends, It's like the movie is in fast forward everything happens so fast it's like they tried to cram everything in to the 2hr film that didnt go well. Because this film is based off of the book it should be way slower and should explain more before progressing. In a space of 10-20 mins that dad is dead and the brother is missing. The dad killed by sleeper agents in the US army and the brother took my the army to be trained as a child soldier to fight of the remaining "aliens". by this point in the movie she is all by herself and then 5 mins later she's been shot and she's in a lads house. Now what you need to know is that the main character was a cheerleader before the aliens came but when she has a weapon she can kill everyone without any training experience.

She has the same gun mostly thru out the movie and she only uses one mag.....yes one mag. i did not see her reload that gun once in the movie. But when she enters the base filled with sleeper agents she gets the gun took off of her. she then kills a trained sleeper agent and takes her clothes so she could roam about this base. but before she can reach her brother the base gets attacked by her lover that is in fact a sleeper agent but has found out love is actually a thing so he fucks her, anyway back to the military thing. So the child soldiers are getting evacuated by plane to another secure base when she runs into her high school crush Ben who has found out the Army is filled with sleeper agents and that they are not  killing aliens but rather actual survivors....Wow did not see this one coming. So they go to the evacuation spot where they get her brother just before he boards the plane. They then run out of the base onto the runway where the commander is leaving on a helicopter. He then tries to shoot them but fails and leaves. A car rolls up with Ben's friends in it. Hooray!!!! the main character and her brother survives and the base blows up just as they leave, it then shows them having food and ends.......So we have to wait till the second movie or we have to read the book to see what happens next.

So, my overall opinion.....meh.
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