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Post by Rainbow Knight on Fri Apr 14, 2017 12:01 pm

The edgy subgenre of an edgy genre. Black metal is an extreme subgenre that focuses on creating a dark atmosphere, through; low-fi recording, shrieking vocals, heavy distortion, fast and monotonous tempos and rhythms, with unconventional song structures. This makes it a highly inaccessible to many listeners, even for people who like metal. It's also known for satanic, pagan and violent imagery, with themes of depression salted on top.

It shares an early history with Death Metal, both evolving from Thrash metal and influencing each other during the 1980s. Bands such as Venom, and Bathory (Who would later go on to forge the black metal subgenre of Viking Metal, no Amon Amarth isn't Viking metal just because they sing about Vikings: they're Melodic death metal)  -- alongside others -- are credited with laying the foundations for the genre, this is the "The First Wave of Black Meatal".

Venom - 1982

Bathory - 1984

Second Wave of Black Metal
This is where things get a little bit mental, it is also where the corpse paint comes into play and the genre comes more distinct from the past influences. Get ready to burn some churches, because we're going to Norway!
Emerging in the 90s, particularly in the Norwiegen metal scene, with the formation of bands such as; Burzum, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Gorgoroth and others. The focal point of the movement was the Helvete (Hell) record store and 'Deathlike Silence Productions' in Oslo, created by Mayhem member Euronymous, in 1991. The underground success of which helped establish the emerging scene.

Darkthrone - 1992

Burzum - 1992

Things would go off the rails a bit after a few suicides, church burnings, murders and arrests.

Third Wave of Black Metal
In the years following, some bands saw success outside of the underground and started experimenting with new ways to play the style, some incorporating more epic and grand atmospheres -- even incorporating orchestral elements and higher production quality. Some also shifted to Viking metal, with more influences from outside of Norway. Newer bands also dialled back on the intensity, very few taking the imagery of the music seriously, as the genuine Satanists of the second wave did, many deciding not to treat black metal as a lifestyle. More akin to early bands like Venom, they treated the dark imagery less seriously.
Bathory - 1988 - Early Viking Metal

Sub-Subgenres: Ambient black metal, black 'n' roll, blackened doom, blackened death metal, blackgaze, Symphonic black metal and Viking Metal.

A modern example: Lustravi - 2016
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